2017 Fall Sacramento ADVNC Face-Off Clinic  Lacrosse

Fall 2017
2017-11-10 00:00:00.0
2017-11-10 00:00:00.0
Livermore Community Park

ADVNC Face-Off Clinics

Instructional clinic coached by former Johns Hopkins face-off specialist, Mike Faby. This clinic focuses on teaching face-off techniques from the ground up.

We will start the session correcting the boys' stance so their hips are squared toward their opponent allowing their clamp to be driven by their legs. Next, they will warm up their hands with whistle reaction and hand speed drills before moving into a progression designed to teach Coach Faby's face-off technique. The clinic will conclude with 20-25 minutes of live draws.   


Livermore Park Stadium 6004 Riley St., Folsom, CA

November 10

0:00-0:05 Stance Correction

0:05-0:10 Hand Drills

0:10-0:20 Hand, Into 1 Hand 2 Hand

0:20-0:30 Whistle Progression

0:30-0:35 Water

0:35-1:00 Live Draws, Ending with Best of 3 Competition 

Fee: $40

Equipment: Stick, Helmet, Gloves, Cleats - it is very difficult to face-off without cleats

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